4 Benefits of a Green Cleaning Program

Are you wondering how a green cleaning program can benefit your office, building and/or property?

In this article we will discuss the benefits of a green cleaning program and how it can make a positive impact in the environment around you. 

As the “green movement” starts to make its way into a lifestyle, many companies are starting the transition from a traditional cleaning program to a green cleaning program. However, it is important to know the major benefits that are attributed to a green cleaning program for any business. 


#1 Improved Indoor Air QualityImprove Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality refers to the cleanliness and quality of the air within and around buildings and structures that have an impact on our health and wellness. According the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to the development of infections, lung cancer, and chronic lung diseases such as asthma. In addition, it can cause headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, nausea and fatigue. The products that are used in a green cleaning program are designed to have 1 positive environmental attributes such as biodegradability, low toxicity, low VOC content, reduced packaging, low life cycle energy use. They can also minimize harmful impacts to building occupants by improving indoor air quality, reduce water and ambient air pollution while also ensuring the effectiveness of cleaning in removing biological and other contaminants from the building’s interior. 

Green cleaning products and practices that improve indoor air quality:

  • Green cleaning products that contain Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide are colorless and odorless, thereby eliminating the release of harmful chemicals into the air we breathe
  • HEPA filtered vacuums that are designed to capture dust, bacteria and other allergens due to multiple filtration levels
  • Microfiber tools that are designed to reduce dirt, bacteria and other allergens up to 98% 
  • Entry way mats that reduce the amount of dirt/soil entering the building from outdoors


#2 Reduced Costs

Did you know that green cleaning is no more expensive than traditional cleaning and can sometimes be less? As technology continues to improve, green products and tools are becoming less costly to manufacture resulting in more cost efficient services. 

Financial incentives and cost reductions as a result of a green cleaning program:

  • Various states and/or counties provide financial incentives for implementing a green cleaning program
  • Decreased absenteeism (reducing number of sick days for employees and staff) due to improved indoor air quality
  • Less water consumption due to improved product designs and results for floor care


#3 Environmental Benefits

By improving the indoor environment in which the green cleaning program is being implemented, a green cleaning program will also benefit the environment outside of the building and/or property. Environmental Benefits of a Green Cleaning Program | SparkleTeam

Factors that benefit the environment as a result of a green cleaning program:

  • Lowers environmental impact/carbon foot print of the facility
  • Reduces energy and water consumption
  • Reduces the toxic sewage exiting the building into the sewer system


#4 Greater Leasing Potential

One of the major benefits of implementing a green cleaning program in your building and/or property is the impact it has on a potential tenant. 2 Studies show buildings that implement a green cleaning program have a higher occupancy rate (6.4% for new buildings and 2.5% for existing buildings). Whether you’re a LEED Certified building or not, adapting some of the benefits of the LEED Certification process can offer all of the benefits that are listed above.  




What are your thoughts? 

Are you considering transitioning to a green cleaning program in the near future?