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2 Case Studies of Problematic Floor Drains 

Are you experiencing insects, odors or back flow from your floor drains?

Are you spending time, money and resources on eliminating these problems with little success?

In this article, we will share two problematic floor drain case studies, costs associated with these problems, and a cost effective, eco-friendly solution. 

Insects in restroom# 1 Insects Coming Up from the Floor Drains

Earlier this year, a building that SparkleTeam services experienced a problem with lizards, primarily in vacant suites. After several visits from the exterminator, they were gone and things seemed to be back to normal. Normal, until the night security guard witnessed a disturbing sight. 

During his normal nightly inspection, the security guard opened the door to the restroom and flipped on the light switch. Before him were over 20 cockroaches scuttling away from the bright lights! He immediately made the building engineer aware of his discovery and so began the quest to find a solution for the new found cockroach problem before it worsened. The exterminator was called in again and after spending several hundred dollars over a period of two weeks, the roach problem had not been eliminated.

Enter SparkleTeam, when the Director of Quality Management, walked into the building to conduct a SparkleTeam site survey. Upon speaking with the building engineer and learning of the pest problem, he suggested they try a Green Drain. Since it is common for floor drains to become the gateway for insects, odors and back flow, SparkleTeam explained how this low cost, environmentally safe solution creates a block, because it is a one-way valve, preventing roaches or gases from entering the restroom.

The economics are simple: $150 per exterminator visit multiplied by several visits, versus Green Drains that cost between $29 and $34 each (depending on the size), which remain in the drains. In this situation, the savings were over $400, not to mention the future savings!

Green Drains saved the day by reducing exterminator costs, while providing an environmentally friendly solution at a low cost. 

# 2 “Phew! What’s that Smell?” Foul Odors from Floor Drains

Earlier this year a property manager of several shopping centers, walked into one of his vacant suites only to notice a strong odor coming from the restroom. Since he didn’t see anything wrong, he researched what Green Drain Problems and the Eco-Friendly Solutioncould be causing this foul odor.

The Property Manager stumbled across our blog article that describes floor drain problems such as, foul odors, insects and back flow. He immediately realized that the problem in the vacant suite was the floor drain and the solution was to frequently pour chemicals down the drain. Since he didn’t have the time or resources to frequent the vacant suite, he ordered a $31 Green Drain.

A simple solution eliminated odors, eliminated the need to pour chemicals down the drain and eliminated the need to inspect the vacant space for odors, prior to a showing it to a prospective tenant.

Green Drains saved the day by eliminating the need for costly chemicals, providing an effective and environmentally friendly alternative at a very low cost!  Simple economics!

Are you experiencing similar problems?

Could a Green Drain help you manage your property more effectively?



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